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About F&I Partners

At F&I Partners, we take pride in working with our clients to build ongoing, meaningful relationships. Our team of lending professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have.

Whether you're looking to secure a new car, fund business expenses, or need assistance navigating the complex financial landscape, F&I Partners has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your financial objectives.

F&I Partners is a leading business finance broker firm that specialises in helping businesses, professionals and individuals access competitive rates.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing personalised, comprehensive financial solutions to meet each of our client's unique needs.

We understand that the financial landscape can be complex and overwhelming, particularly for medical professionals often focused on providing high-quality care to their patients. That's why we are committed to alleviating the inconveniences of the finance process.


We aim to bring the personal touch back into lending and provide our clients with the resources and support they need to build their portfolios and achieve their financial objectives.

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Our Founder

Ashley van Rosmalen, a knowledgeable broker with extensive experience in complex commercial structures and vehicle financing, leads our team. She has a Post Graduate and Bachelor's Degree in Business and is passionate about sharing her knowledge in her services. 

Ashley is committed to making the finance process a seamless experience, evidenced by her track record of successfully securing finance for over 650 clients, whether it be new cars or funding their business expenses.

Ashley van Rosmalen

M: 0413 613 684

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