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2023 Business Lending Trends: Jaime Aplin

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jaime Aplin from Prospa recently who shared her insights on the lending trends we may see in 2023 and much more.

Her long tenure in the finance industry combined with her passion for small business and lending makes her a powerhouse Business Development Manager.

At F&I Partners she is an asset to work with in helping our customers with creative lending solutions especially in niche industries. She delivers on her values with every interaction from B2B - B2C, bringing her own character to the role whilst being able to pave a more modern approach to deliver better outcomes for her brokers and clients. Here is what she said...

I’m proud to say I have worked in the banking and finance industry for nearly 20 years, with a fierce passion for creating great experiences for my Brokers and their customers.

I have had many roles within the industry, from a lending assessor, retail branch lender, Broker and now a BDM. I love working in this industry, the people I meet, and the customers I get to help.

Although I love what I do, I need to have as much balance in life as juggling being a career woman, Mum, wife and, of course, myself!

Outside of work, you will find me away with my family. Our happy place is going to the river or entertaining at home with friends. I am a very social person and love being around people! For me, I love hiking, yoga, and just doing things that fill my cup.

What and where did you study?

When I left school, I studied a double degree in accounting and business at UniSA, but when I started working in finance, I knew that was not what I wanted to do, so I ended up finishing just my business degree.

I realised that being an accountant wasn’t where my passion was, as finance was so much more exciting and dynamic!

I also completed my studying in Mortgage and Finance Broking so I could become a Broker, and I have also completed many courses on personal development, including NLP and Reiki, that help me to grow as a person, which is important for me, which allows me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

What trends have you seen in the lending space in the last year?

Here at Prospa we make small businesses happen by supporting small businesses to access the capital they need to run, grow and expand their business, which they need now more than ever!

We have seen a significant increase in demand for our product offering over the past year. For the first half of FY23, we saw 35.1% YoY growth nationally at Prospa in supporting SMEs with cash flow lending.

With many businesses having navigated two years of the pandemic, there is much greater optimism in business sentiment with a more proactive view than ever before around navigating foreseeable and unforeseeable change.

This is where Prospa can help, and I love assisting them with that.

How do you build relationships with your customers?

I’m very passionate about what I do, as it’s all about the end outcome for the customer. With everything I do, I put myself in the customers' shoes. As a BDM with Prospa I don’t work directly with customers; I help empower our partners through education and awareness so they can create great customer experiences that help propel small businesses forward. The key to growing relationships with my Broker partners is understanding their business, what they want to achieve, and how I can help them.

How do you distinguish the best brokers you work with?

In my role, I work with many different Brokers, from those new to the industry to those who have extensive experience in the industry. From my perspective, I love working with Brokers that are holistic in their offering and are solution based with the lending options they provide their customers.

I believe strongly in the value Brokers provide to the market, so I can help them. Helping everyday Australians puts a smile on my face. I must say I enjoy working with my Brokers.

What do brokers want from you as their BDM?

Having been a broker and now a BDM, I truly feel I can provide exceptional value because I know what it’s like to do what they do. I understand a real-life customer is at the end of each phone call, email and application. It’s never a transaction for me; it’s the opportunity for a real-life customer to obtain funds to achieve something they truly desire.

I believe Brokers want a BDM that is very prompt in responding to their scenarios and guides them in understanding if it’s something we can help them with, and if not, supporting to help them find another lender that may be able to assist.

I also believe I provide a value add in understanding their business and how I can help educate them about the market and what SMEs are needing. It’s particularly important in Prospa because our offering is very different to what you would traditionally see in the market.

What is the most unique lending scenario you have dealt with?

I had an interesting one last year where the customers sought funds to purchase some cows. Here at Prospa it’s all about helping our SME customers with funding that can help them to generate more income and grow their businesses. We lend for any worthwhile business purpose, so it was fantastic to be able to support a business to be able to achieve that quickly and easily.


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