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Adelaide Real Estate Insights: Jacqui Wehrmann

Updated: May 7, 2023

What a pleasure it was to chat with Jacqui about how she is helping South Australians buy and sell their homes, in our southern region including the growing suburbs of the Fleurieu. We dive into what makes her an amazing agent, tips for first home buyers and the importance curating the right team in your corner when it comes to buying and owning property.

Jacqui Werhmann from Harcourts Wine Coast

1. How did you get into the real estate industry? All through high school and into my mid-twenties, Real Estate for me was one of those careers that I dreamt about, however, never seriously thought it would be on the cards for me – almost as if it were out of my reach. My family are all very ‘safe and secure’ people and I had a longstanding full-time position within the local council in the Development Services section. (I was safe and secure!). My partner being a builder, we would either be renovating (completing two at once in 2018 nearly killed us!), subdividing or going to as many open homes searching for the next project. In 2020, at the age of 30 I finally took the leap. I will never forget the empowerment I felt handing in that letter of resignation. I was going against societal norms, especially my family who could not believe I would ‘throw away’ a secure job for an industry where the income is not promised. I walked out of those Council chambers, and I have not looked back! I was on a mission to put all those years of procrastination about how I would run my business and what I would do differently to good use. My team consists of myself, my partner Shane (the Maintenance Guy!) and my stylist Taylor. I could not be more grateful for these two. In the first year we took home the Rising Star award for Harcourts South Australia and we have now been awarded the Rising Star for Property Sales for Rate My Agent, an industry and state-wide award. We are helping people in the most monumental way, and I am proud of that.

2.What are some of the most important things that first-time homebuyers should know before getting into the real estate market?

Think about hiring a broker! (and that is not because this is on a finance blog). Before even looking at or, I would suggest meeting with a broker to go over your financial situation in detail. The more prepared you are, the more clarity you have when making the big decision. Ask questions, leave no stone unturned.

Find an industry professional to lean on! Real Estate Agents are engaged to represent the sellers, but we are also here for the buyers too. The Real Estate industry is very complex and there will be many ‘firsts’ along the way. Align yourself with a real estate professional that you feel comfortable with that will take the time to explain everything to you. We want to see you step on to that property ladder!

Prepare to engage a building inspector! Buying your first home is expensive. That season of your life will have you feeling as though all you are doing is handing out money. (I promise it is worth it). A building inspector will check if there are any signs of defects or issues with the home, in turn this could save you on future significant costs.

3. What are the most common mistakes home sellers make when listing their properties? What suggestions do you have to avoid these?

Rushing. Launching when you and/or the home is not ready can destroy your campaign. The small things matter! If you are feeling overwhelmed, the to-do list is yet to be completed and your Agent has the photographer booked for the following day. Push the launch back. Your mindset going into the campaign matters. Your homes standard going into the campaign matters.

4. What tips do you have for someone looking for a real estate agent? What are the qualities of outstanding agent?

This is a great question! I believe choosing your agent is a very personal decision. What one may find an outstanding quality, another may not. My first tip would be to find out what is most important to you. It could be: How well established the Agency is?

What is included in the Agents service?

How the Agent communicates with their clients?

What fees are associated?

The amount of exposure the Agent offers?

How well you align with the Agents energy and personality?

What is included in the Agents marketing packages?

Whether the Agent uses Open Homes or Private Viewings?

The Agents opinion on the market value of your home?

How skilled the Agent is with negotiation?

Secondly, always meet with at least two Agents. Rate My Agent is a great website that recommends Agents based on their verified reviews and rankings for each suburb.

Thirdly, I say this to all my vendors. Sleep on it!

5. What is the best success story to date that you have helped a customer achieve through the service you provide?

Arghh, it is hard to choose only one but...

In Feb 2022, a lovely elderly couple walked into our office looking for an Agent to help them with the sale of their home. I was out of the office at that time, there for the request was emailed through to me for action. I phoned the contact and the wife 'Rose' answered.. Rose was lovely, we booked a time in for me to pop over and ended the conversation. A short time later my phone rang, it was Rose! I answered the call and was met by her husband 'Jack'. Jack was phoning with reservations as he felt I was too young to be able to help them with the sale and he did not believe I had enough knowledge; hence he wanted to cancel the appointment. After a few moments of reassurance, I was able to reinstate the appointment and advised I would see them soon.

Come the appraisal day, I met Rose and Jack and took a tour of their beautiful home. A lovely 3-bedroom 1-bathroom with a stunning garden out the back, lawn that you wanted to throw a picnic rug over and enjoy a good book, and an outlook to the ocean from the front bedroom! We all sat down at the dining table, and I really wanted to reassure them that I had the skills, experience, and network to help them with the sale. I understood; it was the last home they would sell before moving into a retirement village. It was a big decision for them. Once I had explained my background, I was pleased to see that Jack felt comfortable and we signed all the necessary paperwork.

Rose and Jack did not have any family in South Australia. They had moved here to be close to Jacks brother but unfortunately, he had recently passed. This was the turning point for them, leading them to their decision of moving closer to their adult daughter’s interstate. I was so excited for them to be reunited; you could see how much they loved them! We sat together looking at the potential retirement villages on their laptop. As they were unable to loan any money from a bank, they were relying on the money from this sale to fund the retirement home. I could see Rose’s eyes light up when she spoke about this particular village, (It had a pool, the website made it look like more of a resort!) however they knew that they would realistically be looking at their second choice and they were happy with that.

The home needed a bit of internal maintenance and a bit of a spruce up with the décor to ensure we were competing with the other homes on the market. They were worried as they did not have the money up front to be able to carry this out. (This is where my dream business team came in!). I arranged for Shane to go in and do all necessary works, then Taylor came in and styled the home. I left Rose and Jack in charge of the gardens, that was their specialty! Not a cent was asked for up front, the invoice was paid at settlement. We helped them sell some of their items on Market Place and we even celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the day the photos were taken.

The campaign was launched, and we had two open homes. I spent many hours on the phone with countless buyers and their brokers. I still remember the feeling I had driving to their home when I had all the buyers ‘best and final’ offers. I felt on top of the world. I didn’t exactly know their financial situation to the dollar, but I knew they were going to be delighted with the result I had coming for them.

I arrived and we stood in the kitchen, Rose and Jack on one side of the island and me on the other. I had all the offers on paper with all their conditions. I started from the lowest offer and worked my way up. I got to the top offer, and I look up and Jack removes his glasses to wipe a tear from his eyes and Rose is still trying to catch up. As soon as it clicks for her, she starts to cry and says through her tears, “we can go to the village with the pool”. It was such a beautiful moment.

To know that we were able to be there for them to do the heavy lifting and to be their credit to help them get to that result, is magical.

Safe to say, off they went, and I received a ‘selfie’ from them with the pool in the background.

If you are in the housing market and want the right finance broker or property agent in your corner, reach out to us today so we can help you!


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