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Are Electric Vehicles The Future? Expert Insights with Sam Puskaric

At F&I Partners, we share insights from experts in various industries to help better inform our readers so that you can make the right product or investment choice.

We aim to align our business with thought leaders in the community to help educate and close the knowledge gap for consumers between purchasing products and obtaining finance to help you make your purchase experience smoother.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Puskaric from Adelaide Hills Motor Group about the future of electric vehicles.

Sam has been in the automotive industry for ten years, starting his career as a sales consultant to becoming the Brand Ambassador & Finance Manager at Adelaide Hills Motor Group.

With a decade of automotive experience and a passion for innovative technology, we are excited to share his valuable insights in this article.

Sam Puskaric from Adelaide Hills Motor Group

The State of Automotive Technology

"Throughout the ten years I have been in this industry, I have seen a number of amazing technological advancements like blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, self-parking, adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking.

CarPlay and Android Auto are also massive advancements to modern vehicles. However, from my observation, the drivetrains have mostly stayed the same throughout the last ten years. Kia still uses the 1.4 Gamma from the 2011 Kia Rio in today's Rio. Hyundai still uses the same 1.6 Turbo that came out in the Veloster.

You have to think why that is? It is due partly to Australia’s fuel quality and emission standards being nothing like the US or Europe.

Where Are Things Heading?

Most big brands invest heavily in electric vehicles, specifically battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Having previously sold electric vehicles for Hyundai and Mazda, I have been lucky enough to spend significant time driving them.

In my opinion, there is nothing to be worried or frightened about... apart from maybe the initial purchase price of the specific make and model you are considering.

What About Charging?

There are many EV charging stations in Australia, and more are popping up regularly. If in doubt, you can charge the vehicle at home.

You can charge the vehicle with the standard charger or “emergency charger” the vehicle comes with, but the charge rate is incredibly slow.

Most customers will get a home EV charger installed which will also offset charging costs if the owner has solar installed at the property and the vehicle is being charged on a day when the sun is out.

Even if the vehicle is charged without solar, the cost is minuscule compared to diesel or petrol.

The average driver will do 40-60kms a day in Australia. Most standard battery EVs on the market do 350-400kms on a single charge. So really, you may just need a charge a week realistically; what’s not to like about that?

As for the vehicle’s themselves, EVs typically come with an enormous amount of standard equipment, the electric motor has one moving part, and the whole design, apart from the electrical system, is incredibly simple compared to a conventional vehicle.

The Driving Experience

The driving experience is like nothing you would have experienced before. The instant power, the near silent drive, and the vehicle's handling thanks to its low centre of gravity and the battery pack.

The Future

The good news is that many EVs are coming, thanks to new brands joining this market. The battery technology is getting more affordable, helping to bring costs down and state-specific government incentives to purchase EVs.

As someone in the industry for over a decade, I believe EVs will take over eventually. However, there will still be a place for diesel and petrol vehicles, so don’t worry that there won’t be service stations or that your car will be outdated. When visiting a dealership in the near future, the question will become: Would you like an EV, Hybrid, Petrol or Diesel vehicle next"?

We hope you enjoyed learning from Sam as much as we did about the state of EVs in Australia.

Stay tuned for the next Expert Insights session coming soon.

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