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4 Strategic Reasons Why High-Income Earners Use External Finance

Medical professionals often turn to external financing as part of their long-term strategies for various reasons, like any other business owner.

For some, it's about ensuring all of their investment eggs are not placed in one basket, while for others, it can be an attractive an accounting tactic to help reduce taxable income.

When choosing to finance, it comes down to the individual needs of who is applying and their financial goal(s).

As a medical professional reading this, what path will you choose when financing? This article lists four ways professionals in the medical and healthcare industries can use financing to align with their personal and professional finance strategies.

Medical Professional Seeking Finance

1. Diversification

Financing can facilitate people to purchase assets. For people and medical professionals who have sought financial advice, this may be part of an overall strategy to have their money not tied up in only one asset.

Accounting Benefits for Medial Professionals

2. Accounting purposes.

Some types of financing, such as property investments can be a part of an accountant's strategy with their client to optimise their income.

Increase earning potential

3. Increased earning potential.

By investing in real estate, for example, property investors could earn passive income from rental income and capital gains, helping to boost their overall cash flow position.

Leverage investments

4. Opportunity to leverage.

External financing allows for leveraging capital, allowing investments in more assets than an investor can with their savings alone.

Read here for our previous article on working capital for your healthcare practice. External financing can be an important resource, and when appropriately applied with sound financial advice, it helps to achieve someone’s financial goals. It's important to do your research, particularly when seeking advice from a financial advisor, so your financing strategy aligns with your personal or business financial goals.

If this sounds like something you or your business needs, arrange a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation with F & I Partners, where we can help talk through the right solution.


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