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What Makes Exceptional Finance Brokers?

Updated: Jan 31

Ashley Van Rosmalen from Finance and Insurance Partners Adelaide

What do great finance brokers offer their customers?

In my experience, I have observed that two pivotal factors distinguish exceptional brokers: a strong emphasis on customer-centric service and an unwavering commitment to staying abreast of the ever-evolving financial landscape.

As brokers, we recognize the significance of establishing a deep understanding of our customers' unique requirements. It is our responsibility to guide them through the intricacies of various bank offerings, helping them discern how specific features align with their needs.

Working in an industry that undergoes rapid transformations is both a blessing and a challenge. Information that was relevant just a few months ago may have already become outdated. Therefore, actively keeping ourselves up to date with the latest changes among lenders and potential upcoming trends in the financial environment becomes imperative in order to provide our clients with the right solutions.

One of the advantages we possess as brokers is our ability to gain insights slightly ahead of the general public regarding changes in the financial landscape. Armed with this knowledge, our customers can make informed decisions and leverage these insights to their benefit when seeking financial solutions through our brokerage services.

What was a rewarding day in your career?

One of the most rewarding outcomes I have had as a broker was actually a biproduct of assisting a customer source a loan. Through the process I had actually uncovered they were potential victim of fraudulent behaviour in one of their accounts. The customer then had the opportunity to investigate this which prevented any further damage, and they were extremely grateful that I had made them aware of this so they could have it rectified.

Why did you start F&I Partners?

I started my career in the finance industry as a business manager in a Mazda car dealership. I found that people did not always have the most relaxed or trustworthy experiences sourcing car finance, especially for the first time. My mission was to make it an informative environment where questions are encouraged, and they could trust that their best interests were at the centre of financial recommendations. The next step to offer competitive deals was to have a wide panel of lenders/banks to compare on behalf of my customers, so becoming a broker was the next progression towards that.

Now having my own brand, I embody all those principles in my service to ensure all my customers receive the experience I would want my friends or family to have finding the right loan. From having their questions answered correctly by someone knowledgeable, giving sound recommendations, informing them of all offers available to them, taking into consideration their personal circumstances and making their purchase an enjoyable experience.

If you are looking for an experienced finance broker to help you find the right loan option, get in touch with our team.



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